Plant Alaska


Plant Alaska is a unified team of gospel-centered churches committed to advancing God’s Kingdom by multiplying disciples, developing leaders and planting churches.

It is estimated only 6-8% of Alaskans attend a gospel-centered church on a regular, committed basis. Our mission is to reach the 721,920 people in our State who need Jesus.

Our vision is to see a gospel-centered church in every Alaskan community.

Our five year goal is to initiate ten new gospel-centered churches in the next five years!

To accomplish our goals and see our vision become reality, we want to equip men to be prepared and ready to plant gospel-centered churches.

Our strategy is to develop men in these eleven essential competencies:

  1. Gospel centrality and fluency
  2. Deepening personal relationship with God
  3. Healthy marriage and family
  4. Theological clarity
  5. Effective disciple-making leader
  6. Relational maturity
  7. Persuasive preaching and teaching
  8. Missional lifestyle
  9. Entrepreneurial aptitude
  10. Indigenous (Alaska) commitment
  11. Conviction and calling

Our process:                                                                                                                

  1. Assessment—Call, Character, Competencies, Compatibility
  2. Equipping through:
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring
  • Residential experiences
  • Statewide training events
  • Online coaching cohorts
  1. Partnering together through:
  • Residency process involvement
  • Resource support
  • Sharing expertise

Our structure consists of the following:

  • 501(c)3 not-for-profit status
  • Advisory/Advocacy team consisting of community and movement leaders
  • Executive leadership team consisting of Alaskan pastors

Strategic partnerships (Acts 29, Soma Communities, CBA Northwest)

Why participate with Plant Alaska?                                                            

  • Plant Alaska provides a centralized resource clearing house for future Alaska church plants.
  • Plant Alaska provides a gospel community of Alaska church planters.
  • Plant Alaska creates a team approach to planting churches in Alaska.

Why does Plant Alaska need you and your church?

We are committed to advancing God’s Kingdom by multiplying disciples, developing leaders and planting churches in Alaska.  We will be better together!

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(Header photograph courtesy of Dave Klein)