Join us at 10 am at Harborview Elementary School as we continue in our current series,  “Esther – When God Seems Absent” where we see how God works through His creation even when He doesn’t appear to be near.


Esther –

  1. Introduction
  2. Esther Part 1
  3. Esther Part 2
  4. Esther Part 3

Philippians – Gospel Life Together

  1. Joy in Community
  2. Joy in Suffering
  3. Joy in Humility
  4. Joy in Service
  5. Joy in Salvation
  6. Joy in Sanctification
  7. Joy in Glorification
  8. Joy in Gospel Unity
  9. Joy

Jesus 3D

  1. The Pre-Incarnate Christ
  2. Jesus’ Birth
  3. Jesus’ Baptism
  4. Jesus’ Temptation
  5. Jesus’ Teaching
  6. Jesus’ Miracles
  7. Jesus’ Healings
  8. Jesus’ Road to the Cross
  9. Jesus’  Interaction With Religious Teachers
  10. Jesus’ Last Supper
  11. Jesus in Gethsemane
  12. Jesus the Judge
  13. Jesus’ Death
  14. Easter – Jesus’ Resurrection
  15. Jesus’ Ascension
  16. Jesus’ Second Coming

We Are Radiant – January 8, 2017

Heralds of the King:

  1. Hope in the Shadow of Death
  2. Blessing in the Midst of Suffering
  3. Relationship in Spite of Sin
  4. Faithfulness and Forgiveness
  5. Righteousness and Healing in a World of Guilt and Regret
  6. The King is Born


  1. Saturate – Intro/Heart Issues
  2. Saturate – Jesus
  3. Saturate – Discipleship
  4. Saturate – Family
  5. Saturate – Servants
  6. Saturate – Commission

Gospel Pictures Series:

  1. Why Does the Baptism of Jesus Matter to Us?
  2. What Does My Baptism Say About Me?
  3. The Gospel in the Lord’s Supper
  4. Marriage and Singleness are Pictures of the Gospel
  5. Parenting is a Picture of the Gospel
  6. Generosity is a Picture of the Gospel
  7. Work and Rest are Pictures of the Gospel
  8. Community is a Picture of the Gospel
  9. Serving Others is a Picture of the Gospel
  10. Leadership is a Picture of the Gospel
  11. Membership is a Picture of the Gospel

A Disciple’s Heart (Sermon on the Mount) Series:

  1. A Disciple’s Heart_Certain Of It’s Poverty
  2. A Disciple’s Heart_Grieves Over Sin
  3. A Disciple’s Heart_Trusts In God
  4. A Disciple’s Heart_Longs For Righteousness
  5. A Disciple’s Heart_Unwavering In It’s Purpose
  6. A Disciple’s Heart_Eager To Restore Peace
  7. A Disciple’s Heart_Anticipates Persecution
  8. A Disciple’s Heart_Embraces It’s Identity in Jesus
  9. A Disciple’s Heart_Honors God’s Law
  10. A Disciple’s Heart_Forgives Quickly
  11. A Disciple’s Heart_Is Passionate For Purity
  12. A Disciple’s Heart_Hates Divorce
  13. A Disciple’s Heart_Keeps Marriage Promises
  14. A Disciple’s Heart_Delights in Integrity
  15. A Disciple’s Heart_Opposes Revenge
  16. A Disciple’s Heart_Blesses it’s Enemies
  17. A Disciple’s Heart_Doesn’t Try to be Impressive
  18. A Disciple’s Heart_Cherishes God as Father
  19. A Disciple’s Heart_Respects God’s Name
  20. A Disciple’s Heart_Is Zealous For God’s Reign
  21. A Disciple’s Heart_Is Humbly Dependent
  22. A Disciple’s Heart_Seeks Forgiveness
  23. A Disciple’s Heart_Is Vigilant Against Evil
  24. A Disciple’s Heart_Judges Itself First
  25. A Disciple’s Heart_Is Bound to the Narrow Way
  26. A Disciple’s Heart_Builds It’s House on the Rock


2016 – March 13: A Disciple’s Heart is Zealous for God’s Reign


  1. Born Again – David Levin (6.26.16)
  2. Mother’s Day 2016
  3. Easter 2016
  4. Good Friday 2016

Gospel Rhythms – living out the gospel in the stuff of life.

Gospel Rhythms Overview

  1. Story
  2. Celebrate
  3. Bless
  4. Eat
  5. Rest and Recreate
  6. Stewardship
  7. Listen